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Streamline your process, Strengthen your business。Agentflow提供您完整的BPM解决方案。
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Flowring's Solutions

Flowring devotes itself to provide Business Process Management (BPM) software solution that helps enterprises build process-oriented information system since its establishment in February 1999. From the development of BPMS platform to technical consultancy, our services stretch across different fields to offer an ideal experience of BPM implementation. Through intuitive process thinking, intelligent workspace, streamline Knowledge management and humanistic Process Enterprise, our mission is to help our clients to create the new human-centric organizations to pioneer in the e-business trend.

  • BPMS Products: Based on the in-depth project experience over the years, we know exactly what customers want for an ideal BPM solution. Moreover, developed according to international open standard, Agentflow can be widely implemented across different platforms.
  • BPM Packages: In order to accelerate the implementation velocity, we also modulize the frequently used applications so that businesses can swiftly implement BPMS.
  • BPM Utility: During the implementation of BPMS, the construction usually related to the integration of peripheral modules such as report, fax or scan etc. We offer the flexible integrated solutions for customers to meet their specific requirements.
  • BPM Consultant Service:In addition to our skillful technical tools, we also provide the professional consultancy to help enterprise to review the concurrent processes and figure out the bottleneck of business operation.
  • BPM Application Development: With our skillful project implementation and development teams, we are proud to offer customized BPM project in different industries such as manufactures, finance or government as per your requirements.
  • Training & Tech. Support: We offer various professional BPM courses such as technical development and administration that can fully match to customers needs. Via our specialized FCAP certificate, business can review the capability of IT teams at ease.